As pioneering consultants, SFT Solution is dedicated
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About Solution SFT

Welcome to Solution SFT, your trusted partner in workforce solutions and talent acquisition. Services SFT is our parent company which specializes in healthcare workplace solutions. We created Solution SFT to meet the demands of our clients outside of healthcare and to form a team of specialists to fulfill the specific needs of our clients in the aerospace, communications technology, information technology, and manufacturing industries.

Our Mission

At Solution SFT, our mission is simple yet profound: to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and organizations seeking excellence. We strive to create lasting partnerships with our clients, enabling them to achieve their business goals through the acquisition of the right talent. Simultaneously, we empower job seekers by connecting them with companies that align with their career aspirations and values.


In short, our mission is to foster growth, innovation, and success within the industries we serve.

Our Expertise

“The more you know, the more you don’t know”

Our experience has made us realize that our partners are the absolute experts in their field and that’s why we listen to them carefully to understand their needs. Our expertise is therefore our ability to listen and understand your needs which allows us to offer a personalized approach. We believe in the power of personalized service. Our team takes the time to understand your unique needs, tailoring solutions that align perfectly with your goals.


Based in Quebec, we have deep local connections and an extensive global network. This combination allows us to source talent locally and internationally, providing you with the best candidates or opportunities, no matter where they may be.


Ethical and Transparent: We operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency. We believe in building trust through open communication and ethical practices.

We stay ahead of industry trends and market dynamics, ensuring that our clients are connected with the most relevant talent and job opportunities.